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[picture of Pirotess, from Lodoss] How can we dwell solely in the sunlight, when all of us have both elements of light and darkness within? I am persuaded the solution is redemption through the Lord, the author and finisher of Faith. Until that final day, I offer a glimpse at the interplay between the light and the absense of light within one human heart: my own.

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Here's a rather poor picture of me for those who are curious what I look like (man, I look fat in this photo ^^;;).
During the daytime, we lead our lives with the assurance of sunlight illuminating the path before us. But, every day must come to an end, and when the mind's eye becomes accustomed to the darkness, it can perceive those thoughts normally hidden in shadow. At those times, it would seem that only physical manifestation separates the dream from reality. So it is, when the Evening falls.

Evening Falls, by Enya

When the evening falls, and the daylight is fading
From within me calls - could it be I am sleeping?
For a moment I stray - then it holds me completely...
Close to home, I cannot say -
Close to home, feeling so far away

As I walk the room, there before me a Shadow
From another world, where no other can follow
Carry me to my own, to where I can cross over...
Close to home, I cannot say -
Close to home, feeling so far away

Far away, the searching never right:
I am lost, in oceans of night
Forever hoping I can find -
Memories, those memories I left behind

Even though I leave, will I go on believing -
That this time is real? Am I lost in this feeling?
Like a child passing through, never knowing the reason:
I am home, I know the way
I am home, feeling oh, so far away.

Madhouse-internal telephone card of Baby Kamui.

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